Refer a friend, earn crypto together!

Here at AOBPRO, we like to think of ourselves as a company that takes care of its own. That’s why we offer a referral program that benefits not just us, but you as well! For every friend or family member that you refer to us who participates in our earnings product, you’ll receive 10% of your friend’s profit.


The AOBPRO Referral Program is an easy way to earn some extra cash. All you have to do is spread the word about our company and services to your friends and family and encourage them to give us a try. If they sign up and participate in our earnings product, you’ll receive 10% of their profit directly into your wallet—it’s as simple as that!


It’s a Win-Win Situation!

Not only does the AOBPRO Referral Program benefit you financially, but it also helps us out as well! We rely on customer referrals to help grow our business, and we are grateful for any and all referrals that come our way. And we’d like to show our appreciation by giving back. Your friend will also be rewarded with extra 90 USDT when signing up with our Earnings product automatically when they sign up!


How it works:

  1. Log into your AOBPRO account. If you do not have an account already, register in minutes!
  2. You will find your referral link under “My Profile > Referral” menu.
  3. Send your referral link to your friends!
  4. Sit back and get 10% of your friends’ profit deposited to your wallet every week.


*Terms & Conditions

-Your invited friend must complete our KYC procedure and must be verified.

-Your invited friend must apply to “Open Promotion (90 USDT UP)” Product and must apply minimum $1000 USDT to qualify. They will be automatically rewarded with extra 90 USDT when signing up.

-Weekly accumulated referral profit will be deposited to your wallet every Friday. (For example, if your friend deposits 1000 USDT to our Earnings product with 20% APR, your friend will be earning a daily profit of 0.55 USDT and your reward will be 10% of 0.55 USDT which is 0.05 USDT. That’s just from 1 friend.)

For any additional questions, please contact or join our telegram community: