Crypto assets have become increasingly popular around the world, offering investors not only fast and cheap transactions but also opportunities for active and passive income. From decentralized finance (DEFI) to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there is no shortage of complex digital asset investment strategies gaining traction – however many are looking to centralized platforms (CEFI) as a way to earn since they provide an easy entry point into this space.

Cumulative crypto funds' AUM worldwide 2021 | Statista
*Cumulative crypto funds’ AUM Worldwide 2021

It is no doubt crypto industry is on a growing trend. Despite the recent downfall, attention towards crypto has been on the rise. But the accessibly on crypto has not always been friendly towards beginners and investors don’t need complex DeFi or NFT strategies to capitalize on digital assets – CeFi platforms offer passive income opportunities by simply holding onto crypto investments! Yet even these platform offerings may not quite match up…until now.

AOBPRO was established for this specific goal and vision.

We believe that cryptocurrency will become an incredibly valuable and widely used asset, and as such its management will be done with the same passion, care and drive for strong returns as in conventional financial markets. Our team of experienced professionals strive to provide our clients with market-leading investment opportunities and service.